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Names, Places, and Terms To Know in Christian Church History

Canon Law – A collection of church rules or laws drawn up and imposed by ecclesiastical authority to cover all matters of faith, morals, and discipline.

Canonical Hours – The seven periods of the day set aside for prayer and worship. They are Matins, usually combined with Lauds, Prime, Tierce, Sext, Nones, Vespers, and Compline.

Canterbury – A city in SE England, the base for the Christinization of the island during the early A.D. 600s, and the seat of the Archbishop of all England; now headquarters for the Anglican communion.

Carthage – The ecclesiastical metropolis of Roman N. Africa, located in modern Tunisia, second only to Rome in importance, and the location for many historic Church Councils between A.D. 220 and 650.

Casuistry – The attempt to apply clear but broad Biblical doctrines to more complex specific individual cases.

Cathari – From the Greek, meaning “the pure ones,” an ascetic sect of medieval times, and one of the original targets of both the Crusades and the Inquisition. Their heretical beliefs included dualism, universalism, docetism, and gnosticism; also ritual suicide, rejection of infant baptism, and purgatory.

Who Are We? - What is a Lutheran?

The answer to this question is simply this, “A Lutheran is a person who believes, teaches, and confesses all the truths of God’s Word as they are summarized and confessed in the Book of Concord.” The Book of Concord contains the Lutheran confessions of faith.

Perhaps you have attended an ordination of a pastor and heard him promise that he will perform the duties of his office in accord with the Lutheran Confessions. Also, when people are received into membership into a Lutheran congregation through confirmation they are asked if they confess the doctrine of the Confessional Lutheran Church as contained in the Book of Concord to be faithful and true.

These solemn promises indicate to us just how important the Lutheran Confessions are for our church. Let’s take a look at the various items contained in the Book of Concord and then see why the Lutheran Confessions are so important for being a Lutheran.


What is the Formula of Concord?

After Luther’s death in 1546, difficult controversies broke out in the Lutheran Church. In 1577, after much debate and struggle, the Formula of Concord put an end to these doctrinal controversies and the Lutheran Church was able to move ahead united in what it believed, taught and confessed. In 1580, all the confessional writings mentioned here were gathered into a single volume, the Book of Concord. The word “Concord” means “harmony.”

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Service Times & Map

Second Saturday of every month: Private Confession & Absolution at 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM, or by special appointment with the Pastor.


Pastor Q & A: 9:00 AM

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Youth Instruction (as needed): 3:30 PM

Wednesday Worship during Advent and Lent

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