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You & Your Pastor

IN GENERAL: As your pastor, I am here to serve God and you, His people. I do this mainly through the public preaching and teaching of God’s Word, but also by being a spiritual counselor to each of you individually. If you want to talk to me about any problem or need, please feel free to call on me. My office is where it should be; where I work, at the church, but I am available to serve your spiritual needs anywhere at any time. If I am not in my office at a particular time, please leave a message. You may also call me at home, if necessary. All told, I am occupied with my Pastoral duties between sixty & seventy hours each week. But because of the varied nature of a Pastor’s work, it is not possible to set an inflexible schedule. Generally, I am in the office from 7 AM to 11 AM Tuesdays through Saturdays. Afternoons and evenings are more irregular; because this is the time for classes or when I make most of my visits. Also, please remember that my wife is just that, my wife; not the assistant pastor, nor even the secretary of the church. She will be happy to take a message or find me as soon as possible when I am needed, but do not burden her with confidential information, or expect her to be able to answer all your questions or to know everything about what is going in the congregation.

EMERGENCIES: I am your pastor twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year, and thus may be called upon for any emergency in which spiritual help, counsel or support is needed. Please do not hesitate to call the office or my cell phone at any time of the day or night for such an emergency. However, the pastor cannot be in two places at the same time, so do not become discouraged if I am not there to answer the telephone personally when you need me. Ordinarily it will take only a few minutes to reach me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If I am out of town for any reason, the President of the congregation or the Head Elder will know where to reach me, and/or the name and phone number of a nearby WELS pastor.

ILLNESS & HOSPITILIZATION: Please notify me if you or someone in your immediate family is hospitalized. I will make every effort to visit members who are in the hospital. I do not usually visit people who are sick at home, unless I am specifically asked to do so, or it is a serious illness that prevents a person from attending church for a period of time. In addition, any member who is “shut-in” because of chronic illness or old age will be visited regularly.

WEDDINGS: I should be contacted as soon as possible when a member has decided to marry and before a date has been set for the wedding. Young people especially are encouraged to consult with their pastor even before making such a decision, but once the decision is made, if the wedding is to be at our church, they will need to reserve the date and schedule a couple of premarital meetings with me to discuss the wedding and the meaning of marriage.

FUNERALS: When a member of the congregation is called to their eternal rest by the Lord, I should be notified immediately. I consider this to be an extremely important event and will do everything I can to bring comfort to the family. I will also help to make arrangements for the funeral. If someone in your immediate family dies who is not a member of the church, I am also available to comfort and help in any way I can.


In the Lutheran Church the ordained clergy are called Pastors. The root meaning of the word, pastor, is shepherd. We believe that this is an arrangement that God has established for the good of the church. The Old Evil Foe, the Deceiver, Satan, likes nothing better, however, than to stir up an unspiritual relationship between a Pastor and the members of the church. For this reason, it is good for us to give some thought to the proper relationship between pastors and members. The following statements have been drawn up on the basis of Bible principles and the experiences of consecrated pastors and lay people.

In summary: Your pastor is not the LORD and I don’t have all the answers; I am a sinner doing the Lord’s work. Still, I come to you as a witness sent by God. There is divine authority behind the office I hold and I go about my work by virtue of a Divine Call. My ultimate purpose is to “testify concerning the Light” and to be a “witness to that Light.” I am here to direct people to Jesus Christ, the Light of the world; that the eyes of all of us should be focused on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith and the savior of our immortal souls.


1. Expect him to preach the word of God plainly so that the Holy Spirit can work unhampered among us. In doing this, expect him to tell us the truth about ourselves without coddling us.

2. Expect him to admonish us for our sins least we lose the grace of God, and because God has appointed him to “watch over our souls” (Hebrews 13:17).

3. Expect him to remember that we are weak sinners with many imperfections and to be patient with our weaknesses, always holding out to us the forgiveness of our Savior.

4. Expect him to pray for us and our families and the congregation as a whole.

5. Expect him to rejoice with us in our blessings and weep with us in our sorrows, to help us bear the burdens and the successes of life without losing sight of the life to come. (Romans 12).

6. Expect him to be a man of God and in his life to show that he is truly a representative of Christ by a Christ-like behavior and spirit.

7. Expect him to conduct himself in such a manner that the ministry of Jesus Christ will not be discredited (1Timothy 3:7) in any way, and this includes being totally professional at all times and in every way.

8. Expect him to take the lead in helping us by word and example to a rich fruit-bearing life in Christ.

9. Expect him to give us responsibilities to carry. Do not expect him to carry out every project or work in the church, but to share that work and delegate responsibilities to us so that we may grow thereby and serve our Lord.

10. Expect, above all else, that he will bear witness to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, boldly and faithfully, without fear or compromise. Expect him to hold boldly out to us and to all people, the only name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.


1. Pray for your pastor! Pray God to give me his Holy Spirit that I may always speak His word faithfully, that I may speak His law fearlessly and His Gospel enthusiastically. Pray that I may not yield to fear or pride. Always keep in mind that ministers are a special target of the devil, for through the fall of one, he may achieve the downfall of many.

2. Have this confidence in me that I will try to do all things to the glory of God and for the good of His church.

3. Give me the benefit of your Christian love. Though I do not expect every church member to “like” me, I expect all members to love me in Christ. While I will try my best to be one in spirit with you in the Lord, I cannot share your views in all things and do not expect you to share my views in everything. But I do expect that we will together submit to Christ and His Word and work together in harmony for Him.

4. As I am under obligation and am resolved with God’s help to treat everyone alike without partiality, do not accuse me of favoritism nor expect it for yourself.

5. Do not expect me to be a perfect person. Should something in my life appear to be out of harmony with my calling, please tell me about it. You will find me receptive to every sincere word of admonition. If you want to talk to someone else about my faults, talk to the Lord.

6. Do not expect to hear only good things about me. They said many things about our Lord and His followers that were not nice. Do not judge my motives or think evil of me on the basis of hearsay. Come to me and get the facts. If I am in error, I want to know it and to strive for improvement.

7. Do not report to me about others. If others have offended you or committed evil, go to them and tell them, as your Lord teaches you to do in Matthew 18:15-17. But whatever you say to another, be sure that you say it only to help and not to hurt.

8. Do not expect me to preach, teach, or say to you only things which will please you or make you feel good. Expect me to tell you what your soul needs to hear.

9. Do not expect my family to be perfect Christians nor to be “more dedicated” to the Lord’s work than you are. They have not been called into the pastoral ministry – I have.

10. Most of all, pray that the Lord’s work may be done and His name glorified in everything that we do as brothers and sisters in Christ.


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Adult Bible Time: 9:00 AM

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Bible Break 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM

2nd and 4th Saturday

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Wednesday Worship for Lent 2/14 to 2/21

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7:00 PM - Vesper Service

Maundy Thursday 2/29

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Resurrection Sunday 3/1

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